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AffirmXH brings meaning to your everyday physiology

  • Continuous Biosensors
  • Patented Algorithms

Our model for better health

We give individuals better insight into their health and wellness goals, driving accelerated adoption of individualized medicine. To make this meaningful difference in health, we follow a framework of feedback loops typically used in aerospace & engineering but applied to healthcare.

AffirmXH enhances this feedback loop though four increasing levels of patient value.

  1. Establish a normal feedback loop.
  2. Increase the accuracy of the feedback loop by identifying and measuring additional meaningful variables.
  3. Increase velocity of feedback loop through population analysis/ machine learning.
  4. Increasing personalization of feedback loop through AI.
Model for Better Health

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    Meet Ian & Tom

    Having over 37 years of combined healthcare experience, Ian and Tom, have created and commercialized lifesaving medical devices and biosensors at companies ranging from Johnson & Johnson to start-ups. Coupling Ian's expertise in bioinformatics and Tom's commercial execution, AffirmXH has the vision and ability to bring meaningful continuous biosensors to the market.

    "We started AffirmXH to allow people to experience health"
    Ian Shadforth

    Ian Shadforth

    Tom Hall

    Tom Hall